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Hello Bob,
Now I know why you’re the largest window tinting company in Sugar Land. Your guys were great. As promised, your crew was on time! Plus, they all spoke English and were in company uniform. What a tremendous difference from the pool and blind people. I could talk to them and felt comfortable leaving them to go to work.
The film looks great and I can see my TV!
Thanks again Bob,
Tom Banks

Dear Gene,
My husband and I are very upset that we did not utilize your services sooner! We have lived in our home for 3 years and have been perplexed with the situation. We love our view, yet it is hot. Even with our northern exposure in the kitchen, the sun beats fiercely. We had priced honeycomb shades that could tuck under the top treatments. Sun Pro tinted all the windows in our kitchen for less than the price of one shade. The temperature in my kitchen has decreased so dramatically that I feel I have added a covered patio … yet kept my view! I have scheduled an appointment to coat every window in the rest of the house.
Thank you for all your help,

Sharon Leshikar

P.S. You were right about the installers – I felt totally comfortable with them and they treated my belongings with respect.

Dear Sun Pro Window Tinting,

What a difference!

The last electric bill before the film was $550. You can’t imagine how surprised I was when my wife called me to tell me the new bill is only $400! Outstanding job Sun Pro!
Yours truly,
Bill Armstrong

Just a little note to thank you for the outstanding window tinting. Everything looks great so far and I am looking forward to the summer time. This morning I was able to eat my breakfast with out closing the blinds. I was able to see a couple of great drives as well as read my paper. The light is now soft as you promised.
It’s great to be able to enjoy the view instead of the inside of my blinds.
Thanks for providing a great service.
Steve Goodman

Dear Sun Pro,
Wow, you really made a difference!
I didn’t believe it could be done. When my wife told me you could lower our electric bills I said no way. I’ve seen solar screens on a neighbor’s house and their really ugly. I didn’t think there was any other way to stop the heat. I guess that is why I gave you guys such a hard time at first but I am writing this letter to apologize for being such a skeptic.
Since you installed my home in March, we have seen a tremendous drop in our electric bill. If you remember, we have a direct east and west exposure on our home. Our electric bill was $600 per month in the summer. Now, it is only $475. Your window film will have paid for itself in only 1 year!
Once again, I thank you for your profitable performance and changing my mind on window film forever.
Fred Draper

There are 30 employees in their cubicles right now that would give you a "thumbs up" if they saw you. Sun Pro is our hero-of–the-year.
Our West facing office was baking in the sun. . The phone units and chairs next to the windows would get so hot the girls couldn’t even pick them up! Your Commercial grade film allowed us to reduce the heat without spending mega-bucks on another A/C unit.
Our budget wouldn’t allow for that kind of upgrade for several months. Now, we’re not even considering another unit. Thanks for saving us a bundle.
Julie Boyington
Director of Telemarketing
Data Processing, Inc.

Dear Mr. Hanson,
As a designer in the Houston area for over 10 years, I have seen the marketing of numerous products and their direct effects on my clients. Nothing else has been introduced that can compare to a least costly, higher effective product to protect and beautify your home. I would not recommend a home be furnished without window film and here is why:

My clients deserve to have their window dressings preserved from damaging Ultra Violet Rays- Weather its wooden blinds or silk drapes; they don’t need to be white washed 6 months after their installed.

My clients want the view they paid so dearly for- Window film allows for wide open window treatments while still providing privacy. Who wants to live on a golf course and wake up to the inside of a venetian blind?

My clients need Comfort- Window film keeps their homes more comfortable, lowers the temperature of "hot spots", and reduces electric bills.

Window film is a wonderful product and I recommend it to all of my clients.

Deborah Parks
Deborah Parks Design Inc.

Dear Mr. Hanson,
Thank you.
You single handedly protected my family from harm. My Wife Anna, our new baby Jessica and my 3 year old Todd were eating breakfast. The last thing on our minds was the window film you installed for us 6 months ago when we moved in. If you remember our home, we have a 2 story facing the golf course at Greatwood.

Of course, living in a golf environment, you’re going to get hit with a ball now and then. I just never expected it during breakfast. Anyway, the ball hit an upper pane above the breakfast table, and entered the room with almost no velocity, landing in Todd’s cereal bowl. The glass, which I would have expected to have shattered and fallen onto us, was hanging there in place. It was held together by the film! I then remembered you told us the window film would help hold the glass together when a golf ball eventually hit the window and sure enough, it did.

Further, your company was extremely prompt installing the film again to replace the film on the broken window. Your office manager said you were in Greatwood a lot and could stop by at our convenience. It turned out to the next day.
Thanks again.
Billy Swanson

Dear Mr. Hanson,
My new wood floor still looks bright. Thanks for helping me protect it from the damaging sunlight. Your film is working great to protect our couch and table as well. Thanks for recommending a film that cuts so much ultra violet light. I didn’t think anything could really slow down the white wash I had in my last home. You really showed us that tinting makes a huge difference.
Stephanie Griswald
Bob Hanson
Sun Pro
911 Borden
Sugar Land, TX 77478

Hi Bob,
Just wanted to thank you for the great window film job for my new home. Your window film is doing everything you promised: Our house is cooler, we have less glare on our television, and I can keep my blinds open in the daytime without the golfers watching me cook breakfast.
Your installation crew was a wonderful pair of clean-cut guys. I can’t tell you what a difference that makes when you have workmen in your home that you know you can trust.
Thanks again,
Julie Piscotta

Mr. Hanson,
Your window film did exactly as promised. My house is cooler and I no longer have to deal with having one side of my home blazing and the other side freezing. This is a real plus for my wife, as she likes it warmer in the home than I do and we usually are on different sides of the house. We have fought over the thermostat while she cooks dinner and I watch TV since we moved in. Avoiding those little fights was worth the price of admission alone.
Thanks again.
John Taylor

Hi Bob,
We really appreciate what you have done for our new home. When we visited with the Welcome Wagon, she told us about the hot-hot summers in Texas and what we could do to protect ourselves. I wish I had known how hot before I purchased a home with so many windows facing the sun. My wife and I decided to wait a couple of months to see how hot was hot... and now we know... TOO DAMN HOT!
When we first called you, I had a lot of questions. I really appreciated you meeting us on Saturday when we could both be there. Right off the bat, you made a great impression with your knowledge and expertise on the films available in the industry. We were comfortable with your company installing our home as well.
We really needed to lower the temperature in our home. We had aluminum foil on an arch because it was too high to put a window treatment on ourselves but the homeowners association wrote us a nice letter and made us take it down.
What tremendous differences the window film made. It lowered the temperature in our home on a sunny day and kept it cool on mild days. We can’t wait to see our next electric bill. Before, our air conditioner was running 20 hours a day. Now, it cycles on and off in the afternoon!
Thanks again Bob, you really made the Texas Summer bearable.
Tod Gershenhower

Dear Mr. Hanson,
When we moved to Texas, we heard a lot of, "Y’all ain’t from around here."
We also heard it was going to be HOT. It was never this warm in Michigan. It gets hot there, but not this hot. I thought we were going to melt sitting on our couch. I could hear the electric meter spinning as it was going so fast. All three of our AC units were on throughout most of the day and some of the night. Half of our home was cool and the half with the sun on it was boiling. We were debating over blinds verses just bricking up the glass.
Well, the window film has helped TREMENDOUSLY. The house isn’t so hot from one side to the other and the AC units don’t always run at the same time. We still wont go anywhere but the pool until fall.
Thank you Bob,
Mary Schmidt

Dear Sun Pro,
I had a real problem with my drapes as they have been replaced 4 times in the past 5 years. Silk drapes are beautiful and the only compliment to my interiors that works. They are, unfortunately, very prone to losing their bright patterns and colors with exposure to the sun.
The drapes have been up for 8 months now and I have seen no noticeable difference in their color.
Why didn’t my designer tell me about your product earlier?
Thank you for stopping that pesky sun from killing my drapes. The Ultra Violet was bad for my skin too. I guess I will get to look normal a little longer myself now. Maybe now I wont be replaced too soon either.
Ms. Glenna Thomas