View Control & Printed Window Films

Decorative Window FilmToday’s designers and architects now use glass and view control/graphic films for unlimited creative effort in both commercial and residential settings. Whether it’s interior of exterior glass, for privacy, view control or artistic expression, Madico’s designer films and the plotter-cutting process open the door to fast and cost-effective design of glass.

Translucent but opaque films have been around for many years to provide privacy. These films give the look of “Frosted glass” and prevent visibility while still admitting most of the light (66%) to filter through. These films are available in white, gray, and bronze finishes and make up the majority of all designer and graphic film applications. Their versatility and compatibility make them ideal for multi-colored designs.

Designer films are also available in total “Blackout” or “Whiteout,” allowing no light transmission. We also provide over 20 standard geometric and natural designs, lines, squares, dots, and textures such as rice paper and pebbled glass.

Decorative Window FilmImagine It

Tap into your creative side! Everything from corporate logos to scenic skylines can be showcased on glass. We can help you take your idea from concept to reality. Canvas is the choice for most artists, but it doesn’t have to be. Turn all of your glass into creative art: conference rooms, office particians, front windows, hallways, doors, and everything in between. Our design team can help take your art or napkin sketch and turn it into a masterpiece.

Decorative Window Film HoustonCreate it

Virtually any 2-dimensional picture or design can be created in film by digitizing the image or design. The FirstCut by Madico software allows us to import custom designs into the program for cutting. Our creative design team can also help you with the digitizing process if you are not familiar with how to do it. Just send us the drawing or image and we can take care of the rest.

Decorative Window FilmCut it

It’s that easy, just cut it. Computer cutting of film has been developed into a fine art form. Now everything from logos to entire scenes on glass are possible. The real beauty of our process is the ability to provide immediate creative production at a fraction of the cost of etched or sand-blasted glass, which can take months to produce. Idea today, artwork designs on your glass tomorrow – it can really happen that fast.