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Office Glass Window Tinting

Energy Efficient Commercial Window Films

In today's commercial world there is a growing demand for large architectural glass structures with excellent solar control performance, high clarity and low reflectivity. Calculations have shown that a significant reduction in utility costs can be achieved using window film, giving quick returns on your investment and savings year after year.

By offering the finest solar control solutions, we give you the lasting protection you need, creating a cooler, more attractive look and …the perfect overall look and feel.

Help regulate the temperature imbalances between the sunny and shady areas of your building. No matter where the sun is, offices stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Occupants are more comfortable and more productive.

Commercial Window TintingProtection from Fading With Window Films

The sun's ultraviolet rays can wreak havoc on your interior furnishings and merchandise, fading them and shortening their useful life. All of Sun Pro’s products screen out over 99% of those harmful rays.

Uniform & Enhanced Building Appearance

Create and maintain an outward uniform building appearance by adding window film to all the doors and windows of your building or storefront. Improved and consistent outward appearance helps to maintain the value of your property.

Commercial Window TintReduced Glare by Tinting Your Windows

Glare causes eye fatigue and lower productivity. Drawing curtains or closing blinds causes a claustrophobic effect, and it drives up the bill for artificial lighting. Sun Pro’s choices of window films let in light but not glare, and help maintain an "open" feeling.

Increase Safety With Window Film

Splintered, flying glass is one of the dangerous consequences of disasters, either natural or man-made. Sun Pro’s window films are specifically designed to help hold broken glass in place and lessen the chance of injury and property damage. It can also make forced entry more difficult.

Commercial Window FilmHurricanes, earthquakes, high winds, tornadoes, explosions, accidents, vandalism, terrorist bombings - disasters can unleash a hail of flying glass whose shards can be destructive and even deadly. The new technology in safety and security window films is specially structured and strengthened with a patented mounting adhesive. Forming a tough, protective shield, the adhesive works with the film to provide exceptional resistance to impact and explosive pressure, resulting in a reduction of shattering glass and airborne shards.

The new safety and security window films also make forced entry more difficult. When store display windows with safety and security window films are broken, glass can remain mostly intact, deterring "smash and grab" theft.

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